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Place Matters

Sonoma County, California

​An early pioneer in Sonoma County, our founder, Rod Strong, was the first to craft a Single Vineyard Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, one of the first to plant Pinot Noir in the Russian River Valley and the first to produce a Chalk Hill Chardonnay. Today, Winemaker Rick Sayre and the Klein family continue their drive for innovation and devotion to Sonoma County, with 14 exceptional estate vineyards representing an exquisite range of varietal selection and regional terroir.

Terroir” a French term which by definition includes an array of variables.

Grape vines can be grown nearly anywhere in the world that offers soil and sunlight. Yet, it is more important to note that certain regions outshine all others. Why? Because grape vines establish an unusual symbiotic relationship with their environment. Deeply rooted in the soils, the vines respond to tiny changes in elevation, slope, sun exposure and weather patterns, absorbing all of these elements in endless combination and delivering them with an almost magical alchemy into the fruit they produce. This is terroir. Perhaps in more than any other agricultural product, when it comes to winegrowing - place matters.

“Place is not everything. But place is the most important thing. When you discover a passion for something, whether it’s golf or jazz, politics or poetry, you want to live it and breathe it.” - Tom Klein, Proprietor