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  • 2016 Resolutions

    December 30, 2015

    We asked the Tasting Room and Wine Club teams what their New Year’s resolutions are for 2016. We hope some of these will inspire your own!

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  • Sonoma County Grower Series: Bavarian Lion

    December 21, 2015

    Driven by the belief that great wines begin in the vineyard, we are dedicated to using the finest grapes grown in Sonoma County. The success of each vintage and the long-term health of grapevines begin with meticulous dedication to nurturing each and every vine in the vineyards.

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  • End of the Annual Growth Cycle: Winter in the Vineyard

    December 1, 2015

    Driving through wine country on these crisp winter days- vines quietly dappled in golden and amber, the air abuzz with holiday excitement- it’s easy to think that all is done in the vineyards for now. However, for winegrape farmers, some very important work is underway in order to set the stage for another successful growing season.

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  • Holiday Pairings with the 2013 Chalk Hill Chardonnay

    November 13, 2015

    With a hint of minerality on the long finish, the Rodney Strong Chalk Hill Chardonnay is delicious when paired with butternut squash. The classic Butternut Squash Soup recipe is sure to remind you of your holidays past, but add a twist to a traditional ingredient with the Soba with Butternut Squash, also created with the Chalk Hill Chardonnay in mind.

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  • Holiday Pairings with the 2013 Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

    November 13, 2015

    The deep colored Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon with rich tannins and a lingering finish is the perfect accompaniment to these cherry dishes: Cherry-Cranberry Sauce and Sausage Stuffing with Cherries and Cocoa Nibs.

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