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Harvest 2015: Early Outlook

July 31, 2015

“There is always one thing you can count on at harvest - that it will be different every time! This year, harvest is shaping up to be an early one as grapes continue to ripen and color nearly two weeks ahead of historical average. Indeed the growing season got off to a quick start following mild and dry winter conditions which lead to early bud break and bloom in the vineyard.

As the growing season progressed, cooler spring temperatures during fruit set (the crucial stage when berries are fertilized and develop on the cluster) seemed to halter accelerated development in the vineyard. However this proved short-lived as above average temperatures (following set) began to accumulate and influence the acceleration of grape maturity.

If all continues as is, we are looking at harvesting for our wine programs any day now!”

- Grower Relations Technician April Berg