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2016 Resolutions

December 30, 2015

We asked the Tasting Room and Wine Club teams what their New Year’s resolutions are for 2016. We hope some of these will inspire your own!

“To taste every wine in the Wine Spectator Top 100, starting with #59.” - Ron

“Share more wine with my friends and family.” – Nancy

“To always push myself to be better, focus on health and family, and keep things in perspective” – Jamie

“Let’s not forget to be present, and enjoy the little things in 2016!” – Chef Tara

“To try more recipes to pair with all my favorite Rodney Strong wines!” – Katy

“Smile at someone I don’t know every day!” - Remy

“To lose 10 lbs.” – Guillermo

“To drink more Rose of Pinot Noir.” – Nolan

“Have more fun!” – Rachel