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2012 Single Vineyard Wines Release

September 18, 2015

We are extremely excited about the release of our 2012 Single Vineyard wines, including our proprietor, Tom Klein. Read Tom’s thoughts on these fantastic wines below:

I am happy to release to you our Single-Vineyard Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignons from the 2012 vintage. These wines are outstanding and have already received some tremendous critical acclaim.

Our three vineyards are uniquely spread south to north in Alexander Valley, where the temperature and elevation rise as you travel up valley. The 2012 vintage started off warm and dry. By mid-summer people were beginning to whisper about how well the growing season was going. Rain-free warm days and cool nights were the rule, with no storms or heat spikes. In Alexander Valley, the perfect weather throughout the 2012 growing season put little pressure on the vines and allowed us to wait for optimum grape maturity. Ideal growing conditions led to intense flavor development and soft tannins.

Our Alexander’s Crown vineyard was first established in 1971 and, was the first single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon ever made in Sonoma County. This vineyard is in the southern part of the valley and the first to feel the moderating effect of maritime influences, making it the coolest of the three vineyards. The grapes used to craft this wine come from the top 16 acres of well drained red volcanic soil, resulting in intensely flavored Cabernet Sauvignon with a palate of red fruit, soft tannins, and balanced acidity.

Mid-valley and a bit warmer, our Rockaway vineyard was established in 1994. It rises up to an elevation of 750 feet, with the land generally sloping northeast and southwest, with soils comprised of gravelly clay subsoil over fractured sandstone. This well-drained, low pH earth tends to encourage the production of small-berried clusters, ideal for making a bold, concentrated Cabernet Sauvignon with juicy red and black fruit character, and an elegantly round and seductive mid-palate.

Finally, the 2012 Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon hails from our northern most Alexander Valley vineyard where heat dominates. Cabernet likes heat and this vineyard is our first to ripen every year. The vineyard is on well-drained loam underlain by sandstone, shale, and ancient greenstone. Its elevations, surpassing 1,000 feet, and its primarily western aspect perfectly situates the vines to capture the full warmth and light of the afternoon sun, ripening Cabernet well into the chocolate and black fruit profile, with exceptional richness.