A True Gentleman’s Port



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Tasting Notes

In the “Port” wines of Portugal, there is a legally defined set of allowable grape varieties that reflects the long tradition of the region. Here in Sonoma County we believe that the best grapes for making Port styled wines are those that have great fruit flavor, a fine depth of character, and excellent color. For this release we have chosen primarily Zinfandel and Touriga (the most important Port grape in Portugal), with lesser amounts of Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Malbec. The combination of these varietals, from five of our best vineyards, results in a wine with balanced sweetness, powerful flavors, and an unctuous texture that glides on the palate, and lingers. Because of its sweet and special nature, Port is generally considered a dessert wine. It can easily be enjoyed by itself, or with a selection of cheeses, nuts, or even dark chocolate.



A True Gentleman’s Port

A True Gentleman’s Port is named in honor of our friend, advisor, and much loved family member, Dick Klein. He loved life, his friends, his family and the camaraderie of all occasions.