Ryan Decker

Wine Grower Relations Manager

Like many on our team, Ryan Decker’s family history in farming extends back generations. His great-great grandfather came to California during the Gold Rush, then settled in Alexander Valley in 1858 as a rancher and farmer. Five generations later, the passion for working the land is alive and well in the Decker family. Raised in Healdsburg, Ryan began work for Rodney Strong in 2002 as part of the hospitality crew. He honed his palate with Director of Wine Education Stefen Soltysiak and returned to Fresno State to earn a B.S. in Viticulture in 2006.

Ryan returned to Rodney Strong in 2006 as Vineyard Specialist for the winegrowing department. Working directly with Doug McIlroy, he helps develop and implement the farming plan on all 12 of our estate vineyards. He collects and analyzes all viticultural data used to make daily farming decisions. As the point person for our sustainability program, Ryan guided the winery and vineyards through the California Certified Sustainable Winegrowing program that led to Rodney Strong Vineyards becoming one of the first Certified Sustainable wineries in the state.