Vineman Monte Rio Triathlon

by Rachel Voorhees on October 31, 9459

Rodney Strong is the proud title sponsor of the Vineman Monte Rio Triathlon! Bring along the family and plan to spend a couple of days in the Russian River Valley.  Grab your goggles, dust off your bike, break in those new running shoes and join us at Vineman Triathlon's Monte Rio race on June 8th!

The 1.5K Swim, 40K Bike and 10K Run is the perfect distance for an early summer race, and Monte Rio's old-fashioned summer vacation atmosphere makes it the perfect venue. The swim will be staged in the Russian River, just four miles downstream from Johnson's Beach. The bike course follows the Russian River to the picturesque coastal town of Jenner and back. Redwood trees, the Russian River, and coastal pasture lands paint the backdrop of the bike course.  The majority of the bike course is on CA 116, which has been recently resurfaced, making it great for racing! The run is held on the course that once was the home of the Moscow Road Race, a popular run from the running boom days of the 1970's.  The run course is flat, fast, and shaded almost the entire way.

We have four Rodney Strong employees competing in the Vineman Monte Rio triathlon this year. They have been training hard and are excited to show off their athletic skills! We asked them a few questions about themselves in anticipation of the big day!
~ What do you consider your strength is while competing in a triathlon?
~ What is your personal goal for racing in the Vineman Monte Rio triathlon?
~ What is your favorite, go-to wine?
~ What will you eat the night before or after the triathlon?

Mark Mathewson is our Director of Hospitality and DTC Marketing here at Rodney Strong Vineyards. This year’s Vineman Monte Rio will be his 10th triathlon so needless to say, he has some experience! When asked about what he considers his strength for the race he said, “The bike and being foolish enough to compete with far less than the recommended amount of training and the ability to endure sustained suffering.” His personal goal is to finish before his wife, who is also competing in the triathlon!  His favorite go-to wine is the Rodney Strong Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and he plans on eating pizza, and lots of it the night after the triathlon!

Quinn Rogers is a Rodney Strong Northern California Area Sales Manager and also a Court of Masters Certified Sommelier. She considers running her strength and finished a marathon back in December of 2013. Her personal goal for racing in the Vineman triathlon, which will be her 1st triathlon, is to finish with a sub time of 3:30. Her favorite “go-to” wine is Rodney Strong “Charlotte’s Home” Sauvignon Blanc. The night before the race, Quinn just tries to keep prerace food simple but substantial. She usually doesn’t have a huge appetite due to nerves but knows she needs to have enough fuel for a long race!

Marco Brunamonti is the Pricing Analyst here at Rodney Strong. Vineman Monte Rio will be his third triathlon that he has competed in. Marco has also participated in the Vineman Ironman before as part of a team. He competed in the swim portion of the Ironman, which is a 2 and a half mile swim, and came in 4th overall! So needless to say, swimming is Marco’s strength! His personal goal for the Vineman Monte Rio this year is to finish in under 3 hours. His favorite go-to wine is the Rodney Strong Russian River Pinot Noir and the night after the race he plans on eating LOTS of pizza!

Jessica Brenk is part of the hospitality staff in our tasting room here at Rodney Strong. Jessica has never competed in a triathlon before and says her strength during training has been luck! She has done her best to make time for training and says she feels more amazing the more she practices.  Cycling has been a new challenge for her that she truly enjoys. Her goal through the entire training process has been to survive! Her new goal is to finish without stopping during the race for any reason.  Her favorite go-to wine depends on many factors including the weather and who she is drinking it with. Ultimately, the Rodney Strong Reserve Chardonnay is her favorite.  Before the race she plans on eating a big plate of nachos to continue the tradition a great friend of hers has.  She is looking forward to this amazing opportunity to better herself and be a great example for her sons!

We hope to see you out at Monte Rio on race day! Look for the Rodney Strong racers…they will be in our very own racing gear (pictured above)!

Go to for more information about the race!

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