Memorial Day BBQ Ribs Paired with Zinfandel

by Rachel Voorhees on May 13, 2014

Memorial Day BBQ Ribs Paired with Zinfandel

You won't even need napkins to eat these delicious ribs because they are so finger-licking good! A perfect appetizer or main dish for your Memorial Day barbecue that everyone will love!

There is nothing better than slow-roasted ribs covered in a homemade tequila barbecue sauce for a great weekend cookout at the grill. While many people reach for beer on Memorial Day, let’s not forget about wine! We have two delicious Zinfandel wines that pair beautifully with these finger-licking good BBQ ribs!

The Food!

Memorial Day BBQ baby back ribs with homemade tequila barbecue sauce


3-4 pounds pork baby back ribs

BBQ Sauce:

  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • ½ cup minced onion
  • 5 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 2 teaspoons ground oregano
  • 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
  • 2 cups crushed tomatoes
  • 12 ounces enchilada sauce
  • 1/3 cup tequila
  • 1/3 cup fresh lime juice
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 2 tablespoons molasses
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons Cointreau or Triple Sec


  1. Preheat the oven to 300 degree F.
  2. Cut ribs into sections to fit in a roasting pan. Line a large roasting pan or dish with foil and arrange ribs, meat side up in a single layer and cover tightly with foil. Place the roasting pan into the oven and bake until the ribs are tender, about 1 ½ to 2 hours or until tender.
  3. Meanwhile, heat a large pot over medium to low heat and add olive oil. Add onions, garlic, cumin, oregano, red pepper flakes and freshly ground pepper. Cook for 10 to 12 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add tomatoes, enchilada sauce, tequila, fresh lime juice, honey, molasses, soy sauce and Cointreau. Bring to a simmer. Cover partially and cook until reduced about 45 minutes.
  4. Preheat the grill to medium heat. Grill the ribs on each side, spreading the barbecue sauce over the ribs, flipping when necessary, for 15 to 20 minutes total. Put any leftover barbecue sauce into a side dish for dipping!

The Wine!

We have two Zinfandel’s that will pair nicely with the barbecue baby back ribs. Grab both to compare and pick your favorite!

2011 Dry Creek Zinfandel

Deeply colored, with fresh “zinny” aromas of ripe blackberries, cherry pie, black pepper, and spice, this full bodied wine was aged for eight months in primarily French oak barrels, which added layers of toast, vanilla and brown spices. Ideal for current enjoyment, this Zinfandel will age nicely over the next two to four years.

2012 Knotty Vines Zinfandel

Fresh, bright berry fruit from our heritage Russian River vineyard combined with the ripe peppery jamminess for our Alexander Valley and Dry Creek Vineyards make for a wonderful diversity of flavor showcasing the best that Zinfandel can offer in one wine. Aging for 16 months in French and American oak enhances the Zinfandel’s inherent spicy qualities, while the ebullient fruit of this medium rich wine suggests enjoyment over the next two to four years.

Happy Memorial Day! Cheers to BBQ and wine!


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    Malaysia denies former admiral Imran accepted Beijing Youth Daily reporter, was shot down by military aircraft, hijacking possible, as well as other “conspiracy theory.” Also different from the official information, engage in research Imran defense spending that Malaysia actually has deep submarine rescue capability.



    Malaysia is gathered when all forces to the west, south, search aircraft lost contact, the former admiral Malaysia Imran made a completely different direction. Yesterday he made his own inferences to Beijing Youth Daily reporter, denied the plane was shot down by the military, hijacking possible, as well as other “conspiracy theory.” Also different from the official information, engage in research Imran defense spending that Malaysia’s submarine actually have deep search capabilities.



    Mohammed Imran Abdul Hamid joined the Navy in 1973, in 2010 as a retired admiral level, and finally, after politicians elected to Congress, and began working for the defense of Malaysia Research expenditure and submarines transactions. BMC told reporters yesterday accepted the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur in Shah Alam area, Imran mentioned: Malaysia had money in the purchase of two tn pas cher submarines from France, so far as “defense deterrence” have never been activated; According to what he said - Unlike Malaysian officials have been saying - in fact Marfan submarines have the ability to search the deep sea, although only “search” can not “save”, “but nobody I started this plan if it is in charge of the Navy, not would allow such a thing happened. “he said.



    Imran believes that the loss has not been hijacked United flight was shot down by the Air Force argument is a fantasy. True whereabouts, or has crashed into the sea due to an accident.



    March 8th day of the incident, Imran noted that the radar chart from Subang air monitoring console, “I see where the yellow lights indicating the aircraft has been scarpe hogan uomo flashing, which indicates normal; However, more than two in the morning when the lights suddenly turn red - this is an indication of the risk situation - and then, lights slightly easterly direction to the slightest steering, disappeared, “he said.



    Imran does not agree with “aircraft reentry,” and after a series of satellite monitoring data. According to his analysis, the possibility of lights above situation nike tn pas cher is twofold: an explosion or crash into the sea. He therefore suggested that search and rescue on the South China Sea scarpe hogan outlet on the nike tn pas chere original route, now all air max the work in the Indian Ocean and Australia are in the “waste of time.”



    Not only that, he also believes that the Macedonian side should detect 2 o’clock in the night to take immediate action after the anomaly, rather than drag the morning only the reaction. “Our IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) system intact, military radar monitoring system is also not unusual, but this is the case, I think the problem is people slack Nobody vigilant at night and this is the Malaysian military.”



    Text / Independent newspaper reporter Xue Lei Kuala Lumpur



    Excerpts Manpower / reporter Yang Fan



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    China news agency, Beijing, March 27 (Reporter Ma Haiyan) - Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft lost contact into the first 20 days, began to Malaysia Airlines and Boeing for litigation and claims.



    An Indonesian passenger families to the United States a court petition asking Malaysia Airlines and aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced 26-related information. This is the first event since lost contact for MH370 flight suit, Malaysia Airlines and Boeing will face a cumulative $ 1.5 billion or litigation.



    Asiana Airlines has represented the families of air crash claims Chicago law firm Baker said the Swiss, commissioned the firm MH370 has more than a dozen families of passengers, mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia, but also Chinese passengers approached the family and the firm. They intend for each passenger claims millions of dollars to Malaysia Airlines and Boeing.



    Meanwhile, the survey of the aircraft continues. U.S. Secretary of Defense and the Defense Minister of the United Kingdom at the Pentagon news conference, said Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact can not be completely ruled out any factors of terrorism, political violence, the two countries will continue to assist in search of work. The FBI will be completed within a day or two longer to 马航飞 online flight simulator aircraft lost data recovery.



    Foreign media quoted informed sources familiar with the investigation as saying that Malaysia Airlines Boeing airliner crashed assume responsibility very likely to be the driver intends to change course, “the captain of the aircraft in addition to have driving experience and knowledge, no one else.”



    There are legal professionals that once confirmed plane crash, passengers receive compensation for the families of at least 1.2 million yuan, if the crew involved in terrorist hijackings, damages could reach 5 million yuan or more.



    Some Western media have said that while Malaysia Airlines in the fourth quarter 2013 loss, but even its fiscal deterioration, insolvency, which received the insurance payment enough. In addition, aviation insurance is underwritten by a number of companies are usually common. nike air tn pas cher Calculated in accordance with industry standards, insurance costs per aircraft up from 2000 to 2500 million U.S. dollars.



    There are Chinese professionals remind crash damages, a number of international conventions related to the different requirements of domestic law, the claimant is necessary to understand this, the best argument in the full study, and then decide to take action. Not only to the study of international conventions, Chinese legal provisions on compensation for personal injury, but also to study the laws of Malaysia or other louboutin pas cher countries.



    To ensure timely legal assistance to the families, March 8, lost to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 day of the Beijing Lawyers ???scarpe hogan Association, five lawyers were posted to the families of the passengers lost contact settled five hotels for families to provide legal aid. March 10, Beijing Lawyers Association from more than 2,000 lawyers, selected 60 professional lawyers group composed of lawyers to provide legal assistance to Malaysia Airlines lost contact with their families. This 60 lawyers with more than five years of work experience, professional lawyers aviation respectively, in the field of contract law and tort law field. Currently, 60 professional lawyers still provide one of the immediate family members of legal advisory services to the hotel at 5.



    Meanwhile, search and rescue in the southern Indian Ocean continues. nike tn pas cher chine Thailand Geographic Information and Space Technology Development Agency, said today that satellite photo shows returned and found about 300 floats in the southern Indian Ocean. These floats vary in size, ranging in length from 2-15 meters, scattered in Perth, Australia, scarpe hogan outlet about 2700 kilometers southwest waters.



    Australian Maritime Safety Authority announced on the 27th day of the search plan that weather conditions will deteriorate later in the day, while scarpe hogan outlet the black box to maintain longer battery estimates has only two weeks. (End)



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    British “Economist” Web site on March 10 article, the original question: the party’s brain rarely heard of a man named “ideological and theoretical reference” journals.



    Central Party issued this journal highly confidential, only a few dozen people can read, but they just are China’s most powerful man. The publication is vividly called “through train”, is one of the few able to view Xi Jinping sent directly to the President and Politburo colleagues channels.



    With the increasingly complex task of governance in China, some of the ideas, suggestions penetration into high-rise has become increasingly complex. Chairman Xi Jinping called on the whole Party to improve the ideological level to deal with the problem, and urged ???hogan building socialism with Chinese characteristics, think tank. In recent years, China emerging hundreds of institutes and research centers, mostly associated with the government in some way. Scholars and authors to participate in a more open marketplace of ideas in the past, in the formulation of policies relating to high prices, the wealth gap and pollution hot social issues, public opinion has a greater influence.



    But in the center of power, competition policy thinking and decisive is more secretive. West will think tank concept deemed “brain” of the government did not take root in China. In fact, hogan outlet relatively independent agencies are usually more difficult to integrate into the Chinese decision-making hogan outlet hogan outlet level. Compared with competitors, the information they obtain less, which means that they often lack the proposed “operational.” In addition, they also lack of reliable channels straight top.



    Communist Party of Hope “brain” is the internal organization, those in China’s most influential think tanks are not writing for the public, but for a smaller-scale group suggestions. Institute will be the most powerful in China’s most influential think tank on top of the list, but they do not interact with the public, or interact with each ???hogan other, but are not independent.



    “Ideological and theoretical reference” secret show that the inherent leadership position on the issue of consultation, the publication was founded in the 1990s, some of the earlier post topics can be found online, but can not see the contents, such as solving newborn sex ratio imbalance, how to deal with North Korea’s nuclear test.



    In Beijing, to make recommendations on these sensitive issues such institutions can only be the Central Party School. Since they mostly use secret channels to provide advice, no interaction between consultants and their views. George Washington University professor, said David Shen, isolated by a small number of high-level agency to convey the idea, is the main feature of this “chimney” system.



    The next decade, China’s official agency may not have grown into an influential think tank, but it will not become ???hogan an independent fortress. Generally, the closer the relationship with the government, think tanks, this outlook is more optimistic, more independent, and its influence may be smaller.



    However, the situation may not have been the case. More and more wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs began funded the establishment of research institutions, which may create more space for independent public policy recommendations. “Although this phenomenon is now just created, but implicitly have become very popular trend, except that this is a threat to the Communist Party,” Brookings Institution Lieberthal said. (Wangxiao Xiong translation)



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    China news agency, Beijing, March 31 (Wang Xi and Zeng Nai) - From Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak announced that Malaysia Airlines MH370 crash, the aftermath of the families of the passengers became the focus of outside attention.



    Malaysia Airlines lost contact with the families of consulting service station staff Lido Hotel is located in Beijing’s 31, accepted the China news agency reporter Zhuan Fang. The service station was established on March 11, into the legal, medical and other working groups.



    Settlement of claims ???hogan against the families of the passengers outside attention, the legal team of lawyers Lihua noted that, although the horse has released the official news of the crash, but because it is not considered the final result, so the families claim work-related legal proceedings have not yet entered phase.



    According to Zhang Lihua introduction, for the convenience of the family counseling, legal working group is currently dispatched 4-6 lawyers to carry out every day at least one of the consulting hogan outlet work. Lawyers working group experienced hogan outlet relatively rich, and a considerable part of the legal proceedings to have the experience for the crash, and their areas of expertise included labor law, contract law.



    Lihua said that although the family has been reluctant to accept the news of the crash, but with the mood gradually stabilized, now people began to claim the specific program, forum, scarpe hogan outlet and lost contact with the passengers involved in commercial insurance, inheritance, mortgage and other issues consultation, and lawyers hope that China could be set up, will help the families of the passengers lost contact legal rights. Lihua said that the current legal working group has produced a brochure for the needs of the relevant legal dependents.



    Medical team leader Liu Jiang claimed that due to the time span of the event, so the family situation that currently prevails physically and mentally fatigued. “Once beyond the limits of mental, emotional, very easily excited.” He said, especially after the March 24, is to increase the medical group for families, especially in elderly patients suffering from chronic diseases rounds and other groups of efforts.



    Liu Jiang said the meeting with the previous emphasis on security, first aid and other priorities differ, the current medical team stepped up for the families of the passengers lost to common observation. It is understood that the medical team will be sent every day from 9 to 10 medical workers on call 24 hours, and plans to open the clinic in the near future related to joint Xuanwu, Chaoyang and other neurological hospital, department of cardiovascular experts to conduct joint outreach scarpe hogan outlet clinic ???hogan for the families of passengers.



    As of press time reporter, Lido Hotel is located in Beijing’s lost contact with their families MAS Consulting service station has been working continuously for 21 days. Responsible 李庆芳 said that at present the main functions of the service station is recorded and fed the family’s aspirations, with medical, legal work to do to appease the working group to stabilize mood, and gradually build trust in the service station.



    Liqing Fang also admits that although the service station staff will feedback to the relevant departments of the demands of the families for the first time, but due to the limited scope of its own service stations caused by problem-solving abilities, so get relevant answers to individual families and not making them feel satisfied. She said that since the March 24 aircraft Marfan officially announced “the end”, the number of passengers lost contact with their families began to increase.



    But she promised, the service station will be based on developments and constantly deal with new problems, stepwise refinement, perfect for families appease.



    According to the latest statistics, currently located in Lido Hotel has 294 families, the families of Rosedale Hotel 97. (End)



  9. Picture of Johnnso
    Johnnso /  11 September, 2014

    BEIJING, March 25 Xinhua, “Wall Street Journal” website reported on the 24th, the Malaysian police chief Khalid (Khalid Abu Bakar) 24, said the investigation focuses on Malaysia Airlines flight lost contact with the pilot and crew still on, but does not rule out the possibility for several years why would investigate the disappearance of the aircraft.



    Khalid said at a news conference that 227 passengers on flight 370 lost contact with all passed background checks giubbotti peuterey have been cleared of suspicion; against the flight captain Richard Harry Yasha A (Zaharie Ahmad Shah), deputy commander of Kazakhstan investigation is ongoing Mead (Fariq Abdul Hamid), and other crew members of the.



    Flight 370 investigation concerned for the loss associated mainly concentrated in four areas: hijacking, sabotage, personal problems or psychological problems.



    Khalid said that the current investigation is continuing these four moncler outlet aspects, it is not yet rule out any one aspect. Investigations are continuing. As long as there is no reason to find the flight lost contact investigation should continue. Sometimes investigations take years.



    The Boeing 777-200 wide-body aircraft on March 8 when the morning disappeared from radar containing 227 passengers and 12 crew members. The aircraft’s fate has been decided yet.



    Malaysia investigators to assist the host country won the passengers on board as well, including the FBI, including an international team. Khalid said the Malaysian side worked well with the FBI, but he also said that in addition to the passengers on board the United States to exclude suspects, he has yet to receive any information from the FBI.



    , Acting Minister of Transport Malaysia Defense Minister Hishammuddin (Hishammuddin Hussein) said in a statement, as part of the investigation, the police have conducted interviews with more than 100 people, including the pilot and co-pilot’s family.



    Khaled declined to investigators found homemade flight simulator in MH370 flight captain Richard Harry 亚沙阿 home to comment. However, the flight simulator data before it comes Hishammuddin announced when the issue is removed, Khalid said the situation “very common.”



    Khalid asked: Do not delete the data their own cell phone and laptop moncler outlet in it This is nothing piumino moncler outlet new for you right



    Khalid said the Malaysian aviation authorities peuterey 2014 responsible for the technical aspects of the investigation piumino moncler outlet led the police investigation was four possible reasons for the plane lost contact, the police investigation by the Malaysian federal criminal investigation department head Abdullah (Hadi Ho Abdullah) lead .



    Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines chief executive Ahmed coke Harry leaves Haya (Ahmad Jauhari Yahya), said Malaysia Airlines cargo plane has lost contact list to the investigators, including the Australian authorities to assist in the search operation. Search personnel may fall weekend trying to find a wooden pallet from the plane, but has not yet been found. But such fragments are not uncommon, there may be falling from the ship.



    Ye Haya said that the plane containing fruit, lithium and other “normal goods.” He said that the fruit is packed in boxes on wooden pallets, weighing about 200 kg of batteries is also packaged in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Air Transport Association.



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    21 am local time, the local rescue personnel will be equipped with 21 bodies of black body bags on the roadside. The remains will be sent to nearby towns with refrigerated trucks, had found the remains also stored there.

    Local time on the evening of 20, the Ukrainian emergency situations department, said the bodies of {moncler|moncler outlet|piumini moncler|moncler sito ufficiale|moncler uomo] the victims to find a total of {moncler|moncler outlet|piumini moncler|moncler sito ufficiale|moncler uomo] 251.

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    MH17 flight crashed in eastern Ukraine, Donetsk Oblast 17, killing all 298 people on the machine.

    Ukrainian authorities to personnel involved in the search operation, said the crash site on the MH17 flight search scope for further expansion, covering 34 square kilometers.



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    Katearsh /  07 October, 2014

    Korean media: ROK FTA agreement on the liberalization of services and investment approach

    July 18, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean Trade Ministry of Industry on the 18th, said South Korea free trade agreement (FTA) Section 12 negotiations held in Daegu, South Korea 14-18, bilateral trade in services, investment in the field of freedom of way agreement. Industry evaluation found that, although the two sides failed to make significant progress in the area of ??trade in goods, but in rules and the field of trade in services and investment cooperation in large part to narrow differences of opinion.

    All along, the service in the open market approach disagree, ROK advocate the use of “negative list liberalization” approach, China advocates the use of “positive list liberalization” approach. In the talks, the two countries agreed at the time of {moncler|moncler outlet|piumini moncler|moncler sito ufficiale|moncler uomo] entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement first published text of the agreement drawn up using a positive list approach, after a follow-up negotiations to re-develop the negative list approach adopted text.

    Both sides in the area of ??investment has also made some progress. The two countries decided to write the existing agreements {moncler|moncler outlet|piumini moncler|moncler sito ufficiale|moncler uomo] {moncler|moncler outlet|piumini moncler|moncler sito ufficiale|moncler uomo] and investment liberalization and investment protection provisions {moncler|moncler outlet|piumini moncler|moncler sito ufficiale|moncler uomo] related topics for further negotiations over a period of time, to re-develop the content of the agreement copy contains information about the liberalization of investment. The two sides also agreed that the new agreement will write copy and investment liberalization in the negative list approach in accordance with the relevant content.

    According to Ministry of Industry introduced rules in the negotiations between the two countries and cooperation has also made a lot of progress. Agreement between the two countries on the content of e-commerce on competition and fully agreed, still in the field of environment, customs procedures, economic cooperation and other aspects of government procurement has also made progress. In the field of trade in goods, the South Korean side proposed an early cancellation manufacturing tariffs and elimination of tariffs time to discuss the issue with China. ROK also said that opening agricultural markets are extremely sensitive issues and to try to eliminate differences of opinion between the two sides have made efforts.

    Earlier this month, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to South Korea and held summit talks with South Korean President Park Geun-hye. During the meeting, the two presidents agreed to fight during the formal signing of Korea FTA. Korea FTA negotiations is {moncler|moncler outlet|piumini moncler|moncler sito ufficiale|moncler uomo] the first time the first 12 formal negotiations after the summit talks between the two countries, much attention. South Korea Free Trade Agreement 13 negotiations will be held in China in September.



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    South Korean ruling and opposition parties will restart wreck special law working group to promote agreement

    July 21, according to Yonhap news agency, on the 21st, the Korean ruling and opposition parties held a meeting at the Capitol, the numbers will restart the World Working Group special law, and to provide the working group to negotiate solely to encourage the working group on possible shipwreck survey and compensation agreement.

    Reported that South Korea’s ruling Congress party on behalf of the New World {woolrich|woolrich outlet|piumini woolrich|woolrich sito ufficiale|woolrich donna] Lee finished nine new political democracy and opposition parties on behalf of the {woolrich|woolrich outlet|piumini woolrich|woolrich sito ufficiale|woolrich donna] United Nations after meeting Puying Xuan said the South Korean ruling and opposition parties agreed to immediately restart since the 17th was stopped “on the World and the wreck of the accident investigation Special Compensation Legislation Working Group “(hereinafter referred to as” World No special law the Working Group “), and to give the negotiations solely to the working group.

    Puying Xuan said that the ruling and opposition parties agreed to review the activities of the World No special law working group and organize the New World Party and the New Democratic Coalition and the victims of political survivor stance accordingly decided to immediately start working group World No more special law, for the government and particularly France reach agreement on file. Lee finished nine said the ruling and opposition parties also decided to World No. Working Group to negotiate special law to provide full, encouraged the Working Group to reach an agreement as possible.

    Puying Xuan asked Congress “World the number” shipwreck occurred 100 days, that a formal meeting July 24, the number of special law by the world, while Lee finished the first observation of the negotiation process, said nine more World No special law working group, then and then decide whether to hold a formal meeting.

    Although the South Korean government and the Bank decided to immediately restart the No. Working Group gives special law to its full, but whether the right to investigate matters of fact-finding committee in accordance with the special law will be established, the ruling {woolrich|woolrich outlet|piumini woolrich|woolrich sito ufficiale|woolrich donna] and opposition parties still deadlock. Therefore, the Korean media analysts said the outlook is not optimistic about the negotiations.

    New World Party Party leader Kim Moo-star in the day’s highest committee meeting that matters investigative powers granted to the truth commission, he can not make a decision, no one can make this decision.

    There are many analysts, the government and the leadership on the matter could not have concluded the matter to the working group to push the special law. The new political union that there is no investigative powers, you can not find out the truth shipwreck and strongly request to grant rights to the {woolrich|woolrich outlet|piumini woolrich|woolrich sito ufficiale|woolrich donna] Truth Commission investigation, and the New World Party, pointed out that to do so would prejudice the criminal justice system based on the system can be considered to start the Special Prosecutor and other methods.

    According to Korean media reported earlier, on the 11th, by the South Korean government and board members “push more on the World wreck accident investigation and {woolrich|woolrich outlet|piumini woolrich|woolrich sito ufficiale|woolrich donna] compensation for special law legislation working group” held its first meeting in Congress, for the “World No more special law” in The interim parliament passed a discussion on.



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    At 10:00 on April 20, with more than 10 dead bodies recovered from overnight rescue work is sent Chonnam Jindogun Paengmok Harbor, several hundred families of missing persons who have cried, “how to do, how to do ah.” , grief.



    At the scene, the dead body was transported to the sea with a stretcher police boat rushed transit centers, thus becomes a crying scene ocean. Arrayed watches, wallets, badges and other relics of the dead bodies covered with white cloth, although they can not confirm the identity of the deceased immediately, but think of the families that their children might be in them, both could not help but burst into tears.



    Police moncler discovered the sea for student ID badges and other display identity of the deceased’s possessions, eleven families of missing persons called to confirm. A man wiping away tears, said, “I do not know a good summoned or not summoned good.” There continue to comfort the families, “Please calm, do not cry,” the medical staff can not help but cry.



    Recognize the bodies of family members are children who cried, “Get up, quickly opened his eyes say a word.”



    With relief and rescue work longer and longer hours, the families of missing persons can feel tired. A male family member ever smoked a cigarette, staring staring at the sea.



    There are family members argued that it should stop the search and rescue work, the “number of years” salvaged. They think too long after the accident over the possibility of survival have been very slim. When listening to introduce maritime police rescue situations, one of the other families of families of missing persons, said: “We should face reality, or when the body can recognize quickly to take advantage of the salvage boat out as well, should be cool to make judgments.”



    In Jindo Stadium, has been on a large screen in real-time broadcast search and rescue process, and while the Hong Kong and Peng wood identification work. ,10-20 more than the families, “one of the boys dressed in sports clothes, unidentified” subtitles appear on the screen together after flooded in the past. When the radio call with “XXX classmate’s parents go to the podium,” first heard the wailing moncler outlet cries. Stadium entrance used to confirm the identity of the ???moncler sito ufficiale deceased against the paper, A4 piece of paper that says “long hair wearing a jacket, looked like a male student” and so on, all around the side of each sheet of more than 20 parents.



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    It is reported that the bodies to confirm the identity of the reason why the work of relatively slow because of increased DNA confirmation process. April 18 occurred after things change remains controversial, maritime police from the April 20 start of the remains for DNA examination, test results take 24 hours to come out.



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    While under investigation for alleged corruption of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy appeared on television the evening of 2, at the same time claiming innocence and accused political opponents of judicial intervention, but also promise to not give up politics.

    Announced moncler his campaign for the next two months or

    French private television station in prime news program aired file 2 pm Sarkozy video interviews. Sarkozy said in an interview: “I’ve never done anything contrary to the values ??of the Republic, or the rule of the things that I have never betrayed the trust (the French people).”

    Sarkozy believes his prolonged detention and interrogation at the police station, is someone trying to insult him. He hinted that his political opponents in the French judicial system interference.

    When asked about his political future when, Sarkozy said: moncler outlet “Give up (politics) for me, is impossible for your country, you are responsible for it..”

    Sarkozy said he would announce at the end of August or early September whether to participate in the election this fall in France’s main opposition leader of the UMP.

    Return to its unfavorable political polls

    While Sarkozy does not give up, but the latest poll results are not favorable to him.

    French BFM TV the 3rd poll published in more than 1,000 respondents, 65 percent of respondents oppose Sarkozy back politics.

    But Sarkozy UMP still has a high support rate. 75% of UMP supporters piumini moncler hope Sarkozy can once again among the political arena.

    Been questioned in exchange for public sympathy

    Sarkozy accused the judicial system for political interference, the French government spokesman Stephane Le Fuer the 3rd responded piumini moncler by saying: “the judiciary is independent and not subject to any intervention.”

    French Socialist Party leader Jean - Christophe Lee Kham generation believes Sarkozy is trying to shift public attention to politics, intrigue, moncler sito ufficiale or other areas.

    Some people believe that Sarkozy took aim at the French judicial system, and the former Italian president Silvio Berlusconi criticized a similar strategy previously lengthy judges.

    As a former political strongman, Sarkozy and Berlusconi in the face of alleged victims and see themselves described as weak, hoping to win public sympathy. According to Xinhua News Agency



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