Holiday Entertaining Crostini Recipes with Wine Pairings

by Rachel Voorhees about 1 day ago

Easy to make and full of different flavors, crostini are the perfect appetizer to serve at any party. Create a colorful plate filled with different crostini loaded with ingredients such as crumbled bacon, roasted red peppers, prosciutto and fresh sage. Your party guests will be lined up... more

How to make a wreath out of wine corks

by Rachel Voorhees about 1 week ago

Happy Holidays! Gather up those corks laying around your house and join Remy Moore, our E-Commerce & Wine Club Manager to create your very own wreath out of wine corks! 

What you will need:
1 Straw wreath base (local craft store)
About 200-300* corks
Hot glue gun & replacement glue... more

Sonoma County Grower Series: Chalk Hill

by Rachel Voorhees on November 17, 2014

Driven by the belief that great wines begin in the vineyard, we are dedicated to using the finest grapes grown in Sonoma County. The success of each vintage and the long-term health of grapevines begin with meticulous dedication to nurturing each and every vine in the vineyards.

We are... more

New Vineyard Drone Video Teaser

by Rachel Voorhees on November 6, 2014

We acquired a new vineyard on the north side of Lake Sonoma that is gorgeous, rustic and remote. We will be sourcing all different grape varieties from this location, including Bordeaux varieties, such as Malbec, as well as Syrah, Viognier and Zinfandel. Enjoy this teaser video created by... more

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